the worried cameraman 100wc

the was a worried cameraman who was filming a man in a light brown suit he was posing for a magazine cover, but the cameraman didn’t think that the man in the suit has as Beautiful as  they said he just because he was really just hard to look at with out cracking up.

so when the cameraman started to laugh the poser was furry and gave up…. he Indies to go home and never every see that stupid photo shot studio again,

two days later

the same man walked to the studio and said “well i’m out of here.”

my art

for art this term i decided to address the fact that war is like a ever lasting flame which will never go out and will stay in the heads of others for ever.

and hear it is…….

my mediums were street art and pixel art, my random medium was photography.









I used pence and a light card to make this. (there was also a bit of machines involved)

my two artist were B.M.D and Jose Eduardo

here is some examples…

autoretrato 2011



Image result for bmd art

thanks for read and see you in the next one.


hey guys, it’s jack and i’m back after camp and i’m hear to shear some stuff with you guys.

so on camp we had a photo challenge and well are group decided to pretend sleep on the road (road kill at it’s finest) but thankfully  we got off the road before a car came.

thank every talk to you later.


jail life

I was in jail for 10 years just rotting away my life and no one to bail me out, I’ve been in bed sick for 2 years because of this place.

so when I come home, you’ll be gone long ago.

if you want to read short or long stories, then go to kereru writers 2k16


Having problems with spelling, well I now I was until my writing teacher showed me Grammarly. I’ve see Grammarly adds before but thought not much about it, now that I’ve tried it out it really helps (but you can’t use it on docks) and It even explains why you need or don’t need something in a certain spot.

If you want to get Grammarly that you go to this link to get it for chrome.  https:



living in VR

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